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Taizhou Yongyu Industrial CO., LTD.  was established in 1994. The company committed to the aluminum auto parts manufacturing for more than 20years. The company current has a construction area of 43,000 square meters and employs more than 300 people. It has high-quality management team and more than 80 professional and technical personnel. The company is professional OE supplier which focus on gravity castinglow-pressure casting and die casting. The developmentcasting and produce ability of company keeps leading in the same industry. The company import a large number of high-precision machining and testing equipment, to ensure product quality and service to achieve the OE quality requirements. Thus it creating for itself a continuous market competitive advantage, and the product have been provided worldwide which won the customer’s wide acclaim.


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  • floor Space 43000

    construction area

  • Years 1994


  • employees 280


  • million 150


  • supplier Global



Our sales team attended the Automechianika ...

Our sales team attended the Automechianika Shanghai Show on Dec.3th.2019.

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